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Though known for our high quality sports and wildlife imagery we have started our  “Senior Class” imagery.  Our specialized images will utilize the natural surroundings of the outdoors while using Canon flagship cameras and lenses  – plus the finest in multiple high speed lighting sets, including colored backlighting. Visit “Senior Class” and “Rock Stars & . . .” to get a sense of what can be accomplished at any remote site. Our focus is to capture you and the essence of your personality in a unique way that will make you proud.

Images we post here, which is a small sampling, will not match the high quality of the actual photos as it makes it far easier for you to view them in a slide show presentation.  To maintain quality of our work all enhancements then printings of  images you select will be in-house controlled by Goetz Imagery. This process is to best assure you of high quality as we utilize the finest in software, hardware and “giclee” printers.

While most imagery is printed to photo luster paper we also offer a unique canvas to create a more specialized canvas wrap that we frame. 

Please contact us at veritas6685@tds.net to learn more or to set up an appointment. 

One last note: the displayed images are copyright protected. They are meant only for your viewing pleasure.  This benefits both you and Goetz Imagery.  Thank you.

This site will be continually updated with new images and options.

Click the links above to visit images of your interest.

Thank you and enjoy.