“Where the Stars Come Out to Play at Night.”


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Welcome to the Goetz SKY-VU DRIVE-IN Website. 

    SKY-VU is located 1.5 miles south of Monroe, WI, along the east side of Wisconsin State Highway 69, opened 29 May 1954. 20 April 2012 DIGITAL PROJECTION was introduced with the digital soundtrack being broadcast through Full Spectrum FM stereo sound, while offering an all gravel lot, massive high reflective screen, the brightest and sharpest image, and the always delicious, fresh, hot, homemade multi cheese blend SKY-VU Pizza. 

    SKY-VU also offers our famous fresh popped popcorn, grilled: hamburgers, Angus 1/4 lb. all-beef hotdogs, Angus 1/2 lb. all-beef “foot-longs.” Nachos. Pretzels, bread sticks - plain, with cheese, or marinara sauce. Candy, iced cold sodas, SKY-VU Lemonade and Siberian Chill Slushies.

    SKY-VU HAS A “NO CARRY-IN POLICY”  FOR ALL BEVERAGES & ALL FOODS,  this means half or full containers of soda, water, candy, popcorn, left overs from somewhere else, etc., as SKY-VU Offers 2 DIGITAL Movies for the price of one. Outside foods & beverages are not allowed into indoor movie theatres and other venues and not allowed on the grounds of SKY-VU. TO HONOR OUR PATRONS WHO FOLLOW OUR POLICY BY SUPPORTING US WITH  No Outside Beverages and No Outside Foods we converse with those not following it by asking them to give up their outside food & beverage items at the gate or we ask them to leave - without a refund if found on the grounds.  Alcohol gets a call to the Green County Sheriff. That’s our policy and other Drive-In’s policies. If you have special needs let us know at the box office.  Unopened items will be donated to the Green County Food Pantry.  THERE ARE NOW LESS THEN 200 DRIVE-INS, down from over 4,000, IN THE U.S.A., due to the expense to convert to Digital Projection. As of now, according to N.A.T.O. SKY-VU is one of less than 200 drive-ins in the U.S. to be Digital. SKY-VU received no financial support like the indoors did to make the Digital conversion.  Many Drive-ins  went DARK.  If  SKY-VU wasn’t digital it too would be dark as studios do not use film/celluloid. Our Digital systems pays for more than two indoor Digital systems.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED COOPERATION, UNDERSTANDING, SUPPORT & PATRONAGE!
PARKING: Our stalls are designed for two cars each, and only cars, not one car and not for you to place your chairs or to sit on the ground next to your car.  At another drive-in people were struck by a car sitting on the ground next to their car. You are to park your car with 12” to a pole so that two cars fit into each stall.  Sitting may only take place in front of your vehicle, not to the side as that is where cars are to be able to park.  Sitting atop vehicle roof tops is not allowed.

We guarantee the first show. Refunds allowed up to the first 12 minutes after the projector starts. We’re open in all types of weather which is the risk that we all take.  Be sure to bring cash as SKY-VU DOES NOT accept credit cards, passes or coupons of any kind, which means Goetz Theatre Gift Passes do not work at SKY-VU either.
SKY-VU also reminds you to please leave your pets at home for the sake of others and your precious friend. 
  1. SKY-VU DRIVE-IN the brain child of Bob & Nate Goetz, sons of Chester Goetz who along with his brother Leon started the Goetz Theatres of Downtown Monroe, WI, built during the Great Depression.

  2. SKY-VU opened May 29, 1954.

  3. High Reflective Screen & largest in mid-west installed 1976.

  4. FM Stereo radio sound introduced in 1986.

  5. DTS Digital Sound introduced 2009

  6. End of Film Era: September 2011

  7. DIGITAL PROJECTION introduced 20 April 2012

  8. Wheel chair access w/ A.D.A Bathroom, 25 May 2012

  9. 3rd & 4th generation ownership / management



Please be sure to read the information below,

for your safety and ours.

Thank you for your continued cooperation,understanding, support & patronage!

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