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SKY-VU DRIVE-IN - NOW OPEN with Concessions.

Visit our “INFO” PAGE For Everyone’s Enjoyment, Safety and History of Sky-Vu

SKY-VU reminds you to leave your pet(s) at home for the sake of others and your precious friend(s).

CASH or CHECK ONLY (with I.D.  $25 fee for each Returned check) No Passes or Plastic Accepted. Gen. admission: $10.00, kids $6.00

Check out these links about THE FUTURE, OR LACK OF, for Drive-Ins in

America with regard to DIGITAL PROJECTION & “No Carry-In Policies”

from: JAY RATH, ISTHMUS, Madison, WI

from: ERIK VAN RHEENAN, Erie-Times News, Erie, PA's-last-drive-in-faces-digital-deadline

from: LAURA NELSON of The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA,0,5280624,full.story

from: Professor Emeritus DAVID BORDWELL, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI about The Goetz Theatres & its Digital Projection conversion

The FILM ERA at  SKY - VU  DRIVE-IN  ENDED September 2011.
Introduced 20 April 2012: DIGITAL PROJECTION.    Brighter.     Sharper.    more Colorful. North America’s First Digital Projection Drive-In featuring the NEC Projection System

Shows, ShowTimes & Information for Sky-Vu Drive-In

open air movie theatre


The Holiday movie Season . . .

has ended - too much snow!

We thank those who endured the summer until 11 December 2020 - a new record for the season closing time.

Open Spring 2021.

On another note some one thought it would fun to TRESPASS on Sky-Vu property sometime between 7.10 p.m 12 December to the late morning of 13 December 2020, causing damage to the grounds. Any one with any information please contact the Green County Sheriff’s office: 608.328.9401.

thank you.

Sky-Vu Foods & Beverages:

The Sky-Vu pizza -

a multi wisconsin cheeses blend  upon a thin curst.


1/4 lb hamburgers,

Angus ALL BEEF 1/4 lb  hotdogs &

Angus ALL BEEF 1/2 lb “footlongs.”

our famous fresh popped popcorn, nachos,

pretzels & breadstick with cheese or marinara sauce.

Candy, soda (pepsi produtcs), slushies & Sky-Vu Lemonade